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Re: Light emission

Original poster: <davep@xxxxxxxx>

> Hello, does an electrical arc give off light not only because of
> photon emission, but also due to blackbody radiation?

    The only way (conventional physics) for 'anything' to give off
    light is by photon emission.

    At a guess, i would rephrase a reply as:
        SOME (most) of the 'light' is from specific gas ions recombining
         (specific photons at specific wavelengths/energies)
        and some from other gasses Just Getting Hot:
          ( a 'blur' of photons fronm the 'black body' of the
           heated gas.)
        There is a range of gases involved, thus a range of spectra,
        thus even the inidiviudal lines will crowd, and appear blurred.

    I wrote above, thinking in terms of 'sparks' (eg from a tesla coil).
    an arc, eg hot metal/carbon electrode, being Nicely warm will have
    a larger black body ('continuous' spectrum) component.)