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Re: Tesla building questions

Original poster: "Gerry  Reynolds" <gerryreynolds@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Tom,

Original poster: "Tom Heiber" <tom.heiber@xxxxxxxxx>

I have 2 NSTs, each 12Kv @ 60ma. Run in Parallel. Powered by a 0-140V 20A Variac.

When the input voltage is increased from 120V to 140V using a variac. The output voltage on the NST increases from 12Kv to 14Kv. Does the output current on the NST also increase? If I was running 120ma @ 120V, does it run 140ma @ 140V?

Yes, current will scale. The current at 120Vac will most likely be larger than 120ma because of the capacitive load. How much higher depends on type of SG and the Cp value.

Will a 19.2Kv DC rated MMC Cap be sufficient to run this?

Personably I would increase this some but it will probably work. 14KVrms = 19800Vpeak. I use 28KV MMC on a 15KV NST at 140Vac (almost 25KVpeak). Terry can comment on the panasonic caps.

I have a set of about 100 Panasonic pulse caps that I need to assemble for the MMC. I was thinking about using Lexan as the project board. Any objections to this? I would need to drill all the holes for the caps, so about 200 holes. I can't seem to find a project board big enough to fit the caps on. Any better solutions?

Look at the MMC cage I built out of acrylic at:


stackable and natural convection cooling with minimum volume and footprint.

Gerry R