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Tesla building questions

Original poster: "Tom Heiber" <tom.heiber@xxxxxxxxx>

I have 2 NSTs, each 12Kv @ 60ma. Run in Parallel. Powered by a 0-140V 20A Variac.

When the input voltage is increased from 120V to 140V using a variac. The output voltage on the NST increases from 12Kv to 14Kv. Does the output current on the NST also increase? If I was running 120ma @ 120V, does it run 140ma @ 140V?

Will a 19.2Kv DC rated MMC Cap be sufficient to run this?

I have a set of about 100 Panasonic pulse caps that I need to assemble for the MMC. I was thinking about using Lexan as the project board. Any objections to this? I would need to drill all the holes for the caps, so about 200 holes. I can't seem to find a project board big enough to fit the caps on. Any better solutions?

I need to seal the ends of the secondary (6" Gray PVC) with "something". What's a good solution?

Thanks in advance for any help,