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RE: dual same plane toroids, repost sans Chinese

Original poster: "Jim Mora" <jmora@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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Subject: dual same plane toroids

Original poster: "Jim Mora" <jmora@xxxxxxxxxxx>


I have a 36"x8.25" 22awg coil with a 15
Degree primary with a 32X8" torroid
that has worked outstanding free break outs and
6'hot arcs running 140v. There is also a 14" x4
siliconed and alum tape under it. That with a .03
cap and taped near the 15th turn of the primary coil, tuned with a scope...
a lot of top load huh. It did break out easily

The gap was a RQ dual 1" brass dowel gap set before that caps as with the
safeties... Seriously air blasted... dual HPF 15/60"s and terry of course.

Enter pig power, asrg 11" X 8 1/8" electrodes 2
fire parallel, .09uf , 200 + bps.

Clearly, my coil ratio doesn't warrant it but has
any one tried to add a toroid to the outside of
the upper torriod? Otherwise I'll be tapping at
turn 6-7. I still believe there is benefit it a reasonable magnetic envelop.
It would be a cool way to tune. I may try
this with my 12" coil which I'm going to wind
at the Nevada Stateline at the casino back lot.
1/8" PVC 6 footer. Its been in plastic in the
house all winter with a few pounds of silica gel.

Keep on sparking!
Jim Mora