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Re: Tesla Coil Questions (MOT Stack, Rotary, etc)

Original poster: Vardan <vardan01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Aaron,

Welcome back!

At 11:24 AM 5/8/2006, you wrote:
I need some help with some tesla coil stuff guys!

My tesla coil had been working for some time until one day one of the bleed resistors on my MMC caps blew out and arced to the capacitor. I'm not sure if the cap is shot or just the resistor died. I haven't messed with it until now, so I have kinda forgotten how to fix everything! Been too busy! It gave some pretty decent arcs before it blew up, it was pretty cool!

Probably just the resistor is all that is wrong unless the cap has a big hole burned into it or something.

What is the resonance cap and the LTR cap? I've been out of this too long!!

Those are mostly used for NST systems. I think you had like four MOTs with some kind of ballast inductor to limit the current.

Here are the pictures of it: www.theflyingbullet.com/teslacoil/

Oh!! You do have an NST... I remember you and your dad shorting MOTs... Oh well...

The specs are:


9000 V 60 mA NST
Couple inductors in series I got from Terry Fritz to protect the NST
~15-16 turns depending where measured

24 AWG wire
6" diameter
coil is 30.5" tall

Toroid is a donut shape. Piece of wood inside a dryer hose covered in aluminum

My MMC caps are 2000VDC and .15 uF. I have a string of 6 in series and a string
of 5 in series. I can get more but Hopefully these can work.

I would like to get this back running, not sure what I should use for the caps.
I see LTR and resonance and not sure which to use!

See the table in the back of this formula list:


You probably want 26.5nF.  From this chart:


You can just put 6 caps in series and your set!!

Also, for spark gap, I'm using a crude setup with a couple copper pipes.
www.theflyingbullet.com/teslacoil/124_2443.JPG You can see it, its the white plastic tee with duck tape on it. I put a leafblower in that ducktape to blow the spark out. Its not a very precise setup as it can move alot and is a PAIN and would like to move to a rotary setup. I also have a 4 stack MOT in oil that I would like to power the new setup with. It provides some pretty heavy duty power. IIRC, it draws around 80 amps at 120V when shorted. Makes one heck of an arc too! What specs would you need on that to know what capacitors to use for that? I really want to get the MOT stack running to get some better arcs out of this coil.

If you have run this before, the cap you had before should be fine. Others than now about MOT systems might be more help here.



I also have some extra MOTs and microwave caps and magnetrons for sale if anyone needs them

Thanks a bunch, I appreciate the help!