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Re: tesla coil powered lifter

Original poster: "Peter Terren" <pterren@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Look at a real lifter capable of actually lifting its own weight of 4.2g here. Also without the pseudoscience and 'antigravity'.

The conventional small lifter runs (just) at 20 - 25kV DC. It may run at 25kVAC, however there are two problems. First is that it is quite difficult to get 25kV RMS AC at 50Hz unless you have an x-ray transformer. Secondly 25kV RMS AC is 35 KV peak so the corona wires need to be 1.4 times further away to avoid arcing. A Tesla coil runs at high frequencies and will have the same problem as AC PLUS there is the fact that a TC is not a continuous wave device but rather gives short bursts of 100kHz so the voltage is not sustained. Possibly a VTTC might do it as this is CW. There are also likely to be capacitative effects. A TC is designed for streamer growth and long sparks but this is undesirable in a lifter.


Original poster: ben eells <squeels2171@xxxxxxxxx>

Anyone who has played around with high voltage has probably seen an anti gravity lifter such as the one described here <http://www.americanantigravity.com/lifterplans.html>http://www.americanantigravity.com/lifterplans.html Having finished my most recent coil I was looking for another project to work on and started researching a lifter. The lifter is easy enough to make but I didn't have the 25+kv DC power supply to lift one. What I did have was a tesla coil. I have to say that I never really expected this to work because a tesla coil produces AC unless I'm terribly mistaken. I built the lifter based roughly on the instructions from the website. I ran 26 gauge magnet wire from the discharge terminal of my relatively small tesla coil and I ran the ground wire to ground. I powered the coil up and got some sparks and corona from the lifter but no flight. As far as I can tell a tesla coil can't power a lifter. I'm curious though if anyone else has tried this with different results.