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RE: Melting Tar Out Of An NST

Original poster: Jared E Dwarshuis <jdwarshui@xxxxxxxxx>

Original poster: "Dave Halliday" <dh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

But oil (the tar) and water are immiscible and although the water will
melt the tar, it will have no solvent action.

Solvents are perfectly acceptable if used sparingly and disposed of
properly afterwards.

Hi Dave:

True! the use of the word "solvent" did sound litteral. (oops!)  And
thanks for reminding me to include a safety warning.

Never put a highly volatile hydrocarbons in a pressure cooker. It is
likely to either explode or incinerate - killing you! -

Never occurs to me that anyone would dream of doing something as
stupid as putting hydrocarbons in a pressure cooker.

(Who am I kidding?, I set the darn fridge on fire "experimenting" back
when I was 12)

Sincerely: Jared Dwarshuis