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calculating radiant energy

Original poster: "Langer Giv'r" <transworldsnowboarding19@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello, I am wondering how one would go about calculating the radiant flux emitted from a topload.

I considered using Planck's hypothesis (E = hv) using Planck's constant and frequency, but i dont know if thats completely accurate? I know that is for particle energy, but how would you go about calculating wave energy? (I know it should be same). If radiant energy and wave energy is different (theoretically it shouldnt be..) then what would be the formula for radiant flux? If there is another completely different method of calculating energy:
my coil-
secondary = 21mH
primary = 48uH
primary voltage = 8.4kV
resonant frequency = 259kHz

Thanks for all the help!