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Re: tungsten rods and run time

Original poster: "Gerry  Reynolds" <gerryreynolds@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Miles,

Given the 10-11 foot arcs, I'm guessing you are at least 5KVA. Your tungsten may be too skinny for this power level. Also, your topload looks maybe on the small side. If you make the topload bigger (more C), you can add more turns on the primary and reduce the primary current some.

Gerry R.

Original poster: "miles waldron" <mileswaldron@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Here is a pic of my friends running coil; it is throwing 10 and 11 foot arcs
right now.


We are having the following difficulty and ask your advise. The tungsten
rods in the async rotary 6 point 4 pickup spark gap glow red hot after 25 to
30 seconds of use. Maybe less. The tungsten rods then disintegrate. This is
bad. How can we improve run time? Do we need another gap? Do we need a
different kind of gap? Do we need to quench this gap with an air compressor?

Here is a link to a close up of the spark gap:



Miles & Ken