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Re: twin stacked primary supports

Original poster: "Mike Tucknott" <michael.tucknott@xxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Gary

Thanks for the comments, I spoken to other coil builders and I`v increased
the spacing between the layers by 2 1/2 times the conductor size, I think
might just be a suck it and see, if I do get layer to layer arcing then I`ll
go back
to the drawing board and insert insulation or increase the layer to layer

If I build a flat primary it needs to be 36 1/2 out side dia and this is
just to big
it might sound crazy but 24" by 24" will fit through my garage door and out
to the garden. ops.......

Cheers Mike T

> Original poster: "Lau, Gary" <Gary.Lau@xxxxxx>
> Hi Mike:
> Your supports will make for a very neat looking primary assembly, but
> with a 2-layer primary, an unbroken plastic insulating layer between the
> coils is mandatory.  If you join the inner turns, you will get surface
> tracking along your supports at the outer turns.  I can't think of any
> practical way to insulate two conical coils.  Why can't you use flat
> coils?
> Regards, Gary Lau