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Re: twin stacked primary supports

Original poster: dest <dest@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hallo Mike.

> Original poster: "Mike Tucknott" <michael.tucknott@xxxxxxxxxx>

> The first of the 30deg twin stacked primary supports is now finished only
> another 3 to build.  Any comments welcome

i`m playing with quadruple primary currently (virtually of coz :-\),
and have some problemos with achieving even k=0.18, can`t do 0.28 at
all : (
need to lower the h:d ratio to 4, hate to lower it to 3. what k are you
shooting for with such a tall secondary? i can calculate it for you
if you send me all dimensions/turn/position data (not have time to
browse your site now).

> Smokin in south Oxfordshire UK

what exactly? it is not illegal in the motherland of drum'n'bass
already? oh man, you didn`t even know how much do i envy in that
case, LOL % )))