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Re: Tesla magnifiers

Original poster: "K. C. Herrick" <kchdlh@xxxxxxx>

"...blowing variacs"--holy cow! And to "live and breath solid state coils": that's what I've been doing for a dozen years and I'm afraid I'm heartily sick of it. Too many opportunities for something to fail; too difficult--nay, impossible--to trouble-shoot while it's running; too little competence, apparently, on the part of yours truly; and so forth & so on. Black art?...you can bet your sweet bippy it is!!



P.S.  Just blew another brick.

Mike Tucknott wrote:
Hi Ken

The BMM3 and other 3 coil systems never produced the sorts of resolts that I had hoped for, there was also so sort of resonance set up in the control system as I kept blowing variacs, so I`v gone back to the more convenoinal coil setup.

wow s.s.t.c magnifiers now thats a black art if ever there was one but there are a few guys in the UK that my be able to help, if you look on the UK coil builders list on my web site you need to get in contact with Alan Sharp, Richi Burnett or Steve Conner these guys live and breath solid state coils, I seem to recall the Alan did build a SSTC magnifier

Cheeers Mike Tucknott
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I came across your Web pages, particularly the one on your "New BMM3 Magnifier coil". I've been working on a new s.s.t.c., conventionally doubly-resonant, but have begun to feel that a "magnifier" scheme would be better for me. Currently I have 2 secondaries available from my previous s.s.t.c., both 12" diameter, resonating at 100 & 130 KHz, and also a mains-driven H-bridge--plus drivers, timing, etc.--using IGBT "bricks", checked out & ready to go.

The "magnifier" I have in mind would not be resonant, being merely a matching transformer between the H-bridge and the bottom of the secondary. Feedback to initiate & sustain oscillation would be taken from the (resonant) secondary, either via a 1-turn pickup coil or perhaps from the ground-return of the matching-transformer's secondary. Thus I would end up with a singly-resonant system, as I had before.

How did your BMM3 work out? The photos look good! Any suggestions along this line would be appreciated. And I'll be happy to provide more details of what I'm building.


Ken Herrick
Oakland, CA USA