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Re: Transformers

Original poster: "C. Sibley" <a37chevy@xxxxxxxxx>

In the last week I've seen two large diesel trucks pulling stakebed trailer FULL of new pole transformers down the freeway. I considered following him and seeing if he had any leftovers :-)

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Original poster: "J. Aaron Holmes" <jaholmes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

...which would explain why, as an earlier post
suggested, these were transformers that had been in
service since the 1920's and 1930's (though it's
amazing to me that those old distribution voltages
would still be used anywhere except in the boonies!!).
  Here, just east of Seattle, WA, our neighborhood's
substation recently looked in need of a total upgrade;
everything was plated with dirt, moss, etc.; the main
115kV three-phase transformer was covered with rust
and the paint was peeling off in huge oxidized sheets.
  A few months ago, the utility folks showed up, and
what did they do?  They took the place offline for a
few hours, sand-blasted it all, and re-painted the
transformer right where it sat!  Obviously, they like
to get their money's worth out of those big suckers!

Bummer.  I was gonna chase after 'em if they took it
and say, "you guys gonna just throw that away?" ;-))

Aaron, N7OE

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> Original poster: "David Rieben"
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>   Brian, all,
>     Let's see, 1.2 million customers affected by the
> failure of
>     1,100 transformers - that would average out to
> approx-
>     imately 1,100 customers per transformer.
> Obviously, the
>     majority of the transformers experiencing
> failure were of
>     the power substation variety and not pole mount
> or pad
>     mount, single phase, distribution type, as these
> typically
>     serve only 3 to 6 customers, each.