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Re: Cyclone fence for ground

Original poster: "Brett Hays" <bretth@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Scot D,

Can I pick your brain a bit. We are going to run a coil in our haunted house for the first time this season and I would like to get some safety/grounding tips. You can email me offlist if you prefer.


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from my past experience running my coil in a haunted house ( had the coil surrounded by a similar fence (( we call them hurricane fence in new orleans)) and the fence took some streamer hits and bit the beejesuz out of me when I inadvertantly leaned against it) im betting that grounding to the fence may pose somewhat of a shock capacity if someone is touching it.... altho not as bad as a direct hit from the topload but still enuf to catch someones attention...

Scot D

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Original poster: "MIKE HARDY" <MHARDY@xxxxxxxxxx>

I attend a rockfest every july, that I just got back from.
I was going to take one of my coils, and run it in the
festival camp I stay in. Time etc., didn't allow me to
do that (probably a good thing, since there was a
fire ban). Anyway, there is a cyclone fence bordering
the campground for probably over a 1/4 mile, and 8 feet tall.
Do you guys think this would be an effective, and most
importantly, a safe ground. Any chance of someone being
shocked down the fenceline. It would certainly be easier than
driving a ground rod.