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Re: pole pig beginner

Original poster: "Barton B. Anderson" <bartb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Tesla list wrote:

Original poster: ben eells <squeels2171@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi guys, I called this guy Gary told us about in the "pole chicken" thread about some transformers and it seems he doesn't really know what he has. This makes for a bad buying situation because I don't really know what I need. I've built 2 coils prior to this one and they we're both NST powered. I wanted to make the jump to pole pigs but the more I look for answers the more questions I come up with.

1. I told him I wanted a 10KVA pole mount distribution transformer and he insist that they run on 480V. I really don't know. Do they?

No. Some do, many do not. Sounds like the person your talking with just has only come in contact with 480V PDT's.

A coiler friendly PDT in the US is a 60Hz, 1-phase, 14400/23470Y(across H1 and H2), 120-0-120(X1, X2, X3). With 220 Vac 1-Phase across X1 and X3 (X2 is unconnected), the voltage across H1 and H2 is 14.4KV. Your right about power as you'll likely never go over 15KVA unless you have the space and service to run that type of current (not to mention the cost of components to control voltage and current when running higher currents).

I think your on the right track. The guy your talking with on the PDT has 480V tunnel vision. He probably just doesn't know any better. And that is a clue to make sure you get all the specs on the transformer before you buy so that you yourself can determine if the PDT is really what you want. Not just from this guy, but anyone you buy a transformer from. The last thing you want is a 350 LB paper weight.

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2. From what I'm told I have 240V coming into my house at 200A. The pole pig that powers my house has a 15 stamped on it that I can only assume refers to 15KVA. If that is the case I should be able to buy a 15 KVA pig and have just enough power to run it if nothing in the house is running. Is this right?

3. I'm 99% sure that I wouldn't be able to run anything over 15 KVA meaning it would serve no purpose to buy one bigger than that or more than one 15KVA. However you guys have suprised me before so if anyone knows something I don't on this issue please tell me.

If you guys could please clarify some of my assumptions and tell me exactly what I need so I can buy from this guy with confidence I would realy appreciate it.