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Re: 3-phase reactor

Original poster: "Sean Taylor" <sstaylor@xxxxxxxxx>

I definitely wouldn't trust the L meter, the iron core will mess
things up for the meter since it doesn't have the current to actually
"magnetize" the core.

Anyway, the voltage, current and inductance all make sense - if one
assumes that the voltage is phase-phase (typical), the current is line
current (again, typical), and the inductance is in series with no
common connection (again, typical).

Now, is the core 3 seperate cores, or is it 1 core with 2 windows?  If
it's 3 seperate cores, it would be easy to use with single phase,
simply parallelling the different windings for the appropriate/desired
current.  If it's one common core, parallelling any 2 windings won't
do much for you since you'll either be making a common mode choke (and
won't limit current much) or just increasing the effective number of
turns, limiting the current further (by a factor of 4!).

Sean Taylor
Urbana, IL

On 7/12/06, Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Original poster: Mddeming@xxxxxxx

Hi All,

I recently came across a reactor in a junk bin with three separate
coils wound on the same core. It is marked:

  AC253V 24A 0.15mH 3ph.

When checking it with my AADE LCII meter, each section measures 1.50
mH. - ten times the rated value. I was hoping to use this as a
ballast but I have no idea what value to expect. Any reactor guru
want to take a shot at enlightenment.

Matt D.