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Re: Coilers in Washington

Original poster: "J. Aaron Holmes" <jaholmes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hey there, Jason!  There are a few of us out there :-)
 I'm in Sammamish, but generally refer to myself as a
Seattlite.  That, and all my pigs have come from
Seattle City Light, too.

Perhaps the best-known Seattle-area coiler is Matt
Stiger, whose coil was featured in the Make Zine book
"Makers", released late last year.  Their article
botched the science a little, but oh well.  He brought
his coil downtown for DorkBot's "Tesla Night" in
Seattle last spring:
Matt's recently been working on a pig-powered coil of
truly gigantic proportions in a warehouse in Tukwila
where he works.  He thought he might have enough of it
assembled last month to fire it up, but I haven't
sync'ed up with him yet to find out what happened.

There's also Nick (a.k.a. SeaNICK), a coworker of
mine, who several weeks ago fired up his pig-powered
coil over in Bellevue and made some real nice sparks.
Some pictures and (I think) video are up at:

And finally, there's yours truly.  I've got a ~1kVA
coil in my garage.  A picture of it roasting a CD is
here: http://silicon-arcana.com/tesla
I built a new air-blast gap last week which has
yielded much better performance; I'm getting 5'
streamers regularly now (pics and video coming soon)!

Where's college?  Still in WA?  Shoot me a note
off-list.  I'll hook up with Matt again and see when
he thinks he gonna have something up and running.
I've been wanting to take SeaNICK down to meet him,
and his is a great venue for a TC gathering, since
it's indoors and also big enough for his huge coils.

Aaron, N7OE

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> Original poster: "JT Bowles" <jasotb@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Any Tesla coilers in Washington? Better yet in the
> Seattle area?
> Yours truly is from Kent, WA
> I really think it would be cool to start a small
> gathering before I
> go off to college and lose the coiling instinct.
> _