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Re: Primary magnetic field plots

Original poster: Vardan <vardan01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Bart,

The program is sort of fun once you get used to its "nostalgic" way of doing things. It also does electrostatics so I tried some "basic" streamers"


In this energy plot you can clearly see the power going into the streamer "tips" as Bazelyan and Raizer tell us. Since it is only 2-D, I wound not trust if for quantitative stuff. But for qualitative "rough idea" things it is pretty cool!! I could not figure out how to make real smooth looking streamers yet. I think all the little white dots is a CGA 4 bit 640x320 to 32bit 1280x1024 graphics conversion thing ;-)) I think the "paid" version is more up to date.

The big fields stay vastly closer to the coils than I thought too!!! Maybe Dan's hot MOT got "too close". I imagine once you get inside the danger zone, things get hot fast!!



At 06:52 PM 7/7/2006, you wrote:
Very cool Terry! Sucks however (slow dial-up and 35MB). I'll have to wait until Monday and download it at work. Looks like a fun tool. The field is more "compacted" around the rings than I had envisioned (the magnified gif is what I expected). I guess now a matter of knowing the field strength reaching down to the MOT. The MOT's influence under power is yet another source of EM and the interaction will be interesting.

Thanks for the Maxwell 2D source.
Take care,

Tesla list wrote:

Original poster: Vardan <vardan01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


For my little SISG coil, I got the Ansoft Maxwell 2D thing going:


Here are the flux lines of the coil set up with the MOT under the coil and a fan to the right side:


Very few flux lines make it up to the top terminal and the aluminum fan seems to be transparent to magnetic flux. The big iron transformer bends the lines around.

We then can look at the B field (in Teslas ;-))


The transformer attracts some of this field and is energized by it slightly.

The plot of field energy is where the "power" is at:


The power stays "very close" to the primary coil turns. That is why those big metal things in the area of the primary do not affect things much. If we increase the sensitivity, we can see more detail:


The energy still clings very close to the primary but you can see it touching the secondary now. If we really turn up the magnification, you can see the transformer having a tiny effect:


Sort of cool!!