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RE: Metal traces in PVC pipe?

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> Phil wrote ....

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 > Itwould not be difficult to make a heater coil that can encircle a
coil form up
 >to say, six to eight inches in diameter.  One would slowly move the
 >pvc pipe down through the induction coil.  Any bits of metal or other
 >debris that reacts with the RF field should create tiny local hot
 >spots that would melt or otherwise show themselves.

     Wouldn't it be simpler to just buy/build a typical inductive
metal detector? Lower power, and non-destructive testing?

-Phil LaBudde

I know one thing, I think the presence of huge amounts of debris that can
include conductive matter such as bugs and metal ought to be put up on a web
site intended for those who are contemplating building coils, just like
there is a section on known bad quality capacitors.

Well, maybe we should do an experiment. If anyone has any metal detectors
and go to a place where no metal is at and drop a few tiny salt grain sized
shavings down and see if they are detected.

If they are detected, sweep all away but one and see if it's still detected.

If so, try a tiny piece of aluminum.

The thing that worries me is I don't think a metal detector will detect a
dead bug that has moisture within it's body would be detected.

Maybe there is a way to make something that would detect any variance in
conductivity, but then one would still have to locate it but a light should

If only acrylic tubing were available at the local hardware store, it would
be a lot easier, but it isn't and if I miff up something, I can go get an
end plug at the hardware store, but if I mess up a tube plug, or crack a
tube, its back to mail order.

On the other hand, maybe there is a way to locate vendors of acrylic pipe by
nearest to location.