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Re: Primary holder questions?

Original poster: "Dave" <dgoodfellow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

50 feet of 1/4" Copper tubing can be had for about $28.00 shipped to your door according to this website...

Seems about half the price than what the Home Depot wants. Don't know if this price is current, but it could be worth a try.

Dave Goodfellow

Since the 1/4 inch copper tube is running $1.60 per "foot" =:O I was wondering about smearing, rubbing, and generally coating it with that electrical anti-oxidant grease used in big box connections these days. Normally an aluminum wire thing, but I wonder if that grease, or some other, would help keep the copper all shinny over the years?

I also note the little coil's Rac resistance is about 150 ohms as actually measured in three ways now... That is about 100 ohms less than all the "programs" predicted... Prolly a post for a different subject line... But all is "weird" in Rac land...