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RE: Looking for HV filter capacitor for VTTC

Original poster: "Cameron B. Prince" <cplists@xxxxxxxxxx>

>     Surplus Sales of Nebraska has several that could work for you.
> You'll have to decide if they're worth the $$$:
> <http://www.surplussales.com/Capacitors/MaxwellList.html>http://www.surplu
> ssales.com/Capacitors/MaxwellList.html
> http://www.surplussales.com/Capacitors/OilCaps/OilCap4.html
> -Phil LaBudde"
>     Is ANYTHING from them ever worth their
> $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ?

I had found their site with Google and looked through those before posting.
Not only are they asking too much for them, the values are not suitable for
my needs. I would rather have one single cap right at or slightly above the
4uf 12KVDC value. The closest they had in a single cap at that voltage was 4
times as large and cost almost $1,000.00.