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Re: Top Load

Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxx>

2.5 to 4 inches measured from bottom of toroid to the last sec winding works good with small coils. With large toroids above 30 inches dia., more shielding, we usually go 12-14 inches above last sec turn.

Dr. Resonance
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Subject: Top Load

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I have a question on the normal location of a top load. My new coil will max out at 13Kv .150ma , secondary is 6.5/8 dia , is there a standard starting point for the top load? I see pictures of other coils, some show it several inches above the top of the secondary winding , others are quite low with the lower part of the top load below the plane of the upper winding of the secondary.
Any suggestions on a starting point ?

            Rich , from the middle of Missouri