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Repost from Kurt Re: sebpt coil (--> Seibt- and Induction-coils)

Original poster: "Kurt Schraner" <k.schraner@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Kurt sent this too:

He may be having mail or server problems so I will see if I can help him work that out...




Hi all interested,

didn't read the TCML mails for some days (outch..., some 300's!); that's why there was no response from my side. I might be able to send more info about the topic, and also induction-coils. Better off-list, to everyone interested, because my webspace is exhausted by the old stuff, and I would need to send pictures (this also prevents me from making available the more recent HV activities, like the Seibt, a 600kV Marx, newer induction coils and interruptors).


Thanks for jumping in the gap (pun not intended ;-)), in view of my absence, and giving useful links. A few links of an "ancient" Seibt at university of Bern and of my own coil are here:

http://home.datacomm.ch/k.schraner/SeibtSpule1k.JPG     at Uni-Bern 14k
http://home.datacomm.ch/k.schraner/SeibtSpuleFuss_k.JPG at Uni-Bern 32k
http://home.datacomm.ch/k.schraner/SeibtSpuleKopf_k.JPG at Uni-Bern 15k

http://home.datacomm.ch/k.schraner/Dscn1740k.jpg Andi's & Kurt's 2 Seibt's 46k
http://home.datacomm.ch/k.schraner/Dscn1768k.jpg      primary 44k
http://home.datacomm.ch/k.schraner/SeibtTop1766k.jpg  top of the coil 31k
http://home.datacomm.ch/k.schraner/Dscn1760c.jpg      setup in lab. 82k
http://home.datacomm.ch/k.schraner/Seibt_0005e.JPG    in operation 33k
http://www.classictesla.com/seibt/Seibt_0005c.JPG dito but better: the pic at Bart

Looking at the top end of the coil (-also with springs-), you may notice, the upper coil-end to be connected to the corona-wire frame, forcing by that way a current maximum (=voltage node) to the top: the corona zones are just a bit moving down, when operating accordingly.

Bart, I think, it might be useful to try a NST primary HV supply, in order to avoid winding your own induction coil (for first ;-)). However I've not verified it yet. I'm currently using the Seibt with 2 pairs of seriesed 2nF/40kV doorknob caps, instead of the 2 leyden-jars. The somehow disturbing corona of the jars is then absent (in order to see the subtle corona effects, a really dark room is needed: I had to install black curtains to the windows).


Ed, Bart, Tim:
The smaller induction coils, we (=Andi & me) are using for the Seibt's, are fully "handwoven" homemades. The experience we gained when making the bigger coils was useful, e.g. regarding insulation. We have buildt 2 coils with 2 different secondaries (25'600 resp. 48'000 turns, pancake-wound), and 4 primaries. The coils can be exchanged, as well as the cores.

http://home.datacomm.ch/k.schraner/inductor2004/12cmSpark1703.jpg was "happy 2005" http://home.datacomm.ch/k.schraner/inductor2004/2inductors1704.jpg with a few data
http://home.datacomm.ch/k.schraner/inductor2004/2Prims1650.jpg  primaries
http://home.datacomm.ch/k.schraner/inductor2004/2Secs1667.jpg   secondaries

The making of these coils was documented in about 100 photos.

By good luck I got this nice one (_not_ homemade!):

http://home.datacomm.ch/k.schraner/DSCN1723.JPG big inductor 25cm spark here, (Utz AG, Bern,~1950)

Ed, my version of your induction coil driver looks about like this:

http://home.datacomm.ch/k.schraner/Cap_discharger_EdP8.jpg Ed's driver, slightly modified
http://home.datacomm.ch/k.schraner/DSCN1724.JPG             dito., realized.

Currently I'm documenting / simulating an advanced IGBT induction coil driver of the interruptor type (energy initially loaded to the primary inductance, in traditional style), which was developed by Andi Saile (...the "Andiruptor"). It allows very precise control of the discharges in different modes, similarly to "Wehnelt", "Mercury-Interruptor",..."Wagner Hammer". I've also developed a extenensive design excel, based on Codd's book "Induction Coil Design"(1922) and some other old texts, in order to design and evaluate our coils. It needs however comments to be added, to make public release feasible, - perhaps.

Best regards,