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Cool Tesla & HV Stuff For Sale

Original poster: "" <tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello all:

I'm still in the process of re-locating and I've uncovered a number of items
that may be of interest, they're listed below and contact me directly for
exacting specs, photos and additional info at either 'john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx' or
at (949) 701-0005 pst.  Also, I've recently gotten my website back online with
new info esp. on the 'Tesla Tips' page.

1.  Balzers (now Pfeiffer) twin vein rotary vacuum pump.  This will draw an
extremely high vacuum - it's in my storage and I'll have to get to it to get
the model number, it has a 3 phase motor on a rolling base (very nicely done)
and weighs around 250 lbs.

2.  Two smaller vacuum pumps - probably around 30 - 40 lbs each, contact me for
exact specs, model, etc., I?ll take delivery this Saturday.

3.  One Geisler tube ­ Pretty cool and around 18 inches.

4. Around 1,000 pieces of a Panasonic cap manufactured for high frequency, high voltage applications, rated at 2,500 V and 0.0043 mFarad. I?ve photos of an mmc
I?ve built for my Bi-Polar TC that was powered by a 9kV, 60mV neon xfrmr that
took 105 of these ­ an elegant design that can be viewed at this page on my
website:  http://www.tesla-coil.com/Bipolar.htm  I believe they're on images 29
& 30 towards the bottom of the page.

These have been discontinued by Panasonic around 3 or 4 years ago due to lack of
sales and I have also a number of other value Panasonic caps from the same

5. Two Tesla Specific 0.01mF caps. Built by the ?master?, i.e, Gary Grieser of
C. S. I. Technologies of San Marco, California and have an extremely high ?Q?.
They weigh around 3 pounds each.  These are meant for power supplies of 15,000
V at 60 mA, i.e, neon sign transformers.

6. One twin Tesla Specific 0.10 C.S.I. capacitor, also by Gary (he?s been doing
Tesla Specific Capacitors for about 25 years).  This one ran their ?Q? meter
off the scale which was 24,000.  There are three copper straps out of one end
and depending upon how you hook these up you can have either 0.5mF, 0.10mF, or
0.02mF.  Weighs around 20 lbs.

For what it?s worth (a lot), you want ?dry? caps for Tesla work, which these all

7.  Copper spheres ­ 2 to 14 inch.

8.  Aluminum Spheres ­ from 5 to 8 inch.

9.  A number of wound coils, 5 & 6 inches in diameter wound around 24 inches in
length with 18 to 24 awg magwire upon 1/8? wall thickness acrylic.

10.  Old Mickey Mouse Twin Bell Alarm Clock ­ almost kidding but I do have one.

11.  Two Pentium II computers with monitors and printers.

12.  Antique Redskin Brand Chewing Tobacco ?Cut Plug?  Spittoon.

13.  18 month old pussy cat named ?Scratches? (he earned that name) - cheap.

14.  Free help, I?m more than helpful to those that can take advise.

15.  Toroids ­ a few of John Freau?s 6? aluminum toroids ­ Beautiful!!!!!!.
Give John Lots of Credit!!!!

Well, that?s about it for now but I may discover other treasures and I do custom
work for special people, let me know of your specs.


John F. & Scottie K. Cooper III