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Re: MMC Survivability

Original poster: "David Rieben" <drieben@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


Are you saying the MMC will be 15 paralleled strings with each
string consisting of 10 seriesed caps (.225 uFd @ 20 kV) or
vise/versa (10 paralleled strings with 15 seriesed caps in each
string - .1 uFd @ 30 kV)? Since you mentioned .1 uFd in your cap description, I assume that you are referring to the latter of
the 2 configurations (.1 uFd @ 30 kV). In this case, I think your
ceiling voltage should be adequate to handle voltage of the 14.4
kV pig and with 10 strings, that should divide the current out suf-
ficiently to prevent serious overcurrenting of the caps. OTHO, I wouldn't be at all comfortable with a 20 kV ceiling voltage
in the .225 uF @ 20 kV scenario if I was pushing it with 14
kV from a pig, although this configuration would probably still
work - just not as long ;^o Of course, "I" don't have a lot of per-
sonal experience with MMC banks either, I'm basically passing on the info that I've learned from others on this list about MMCs, so consider my "advice" accordingly ;^)

David Rieben

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Subject: MMC Survivability

Original poster: "Jim Mora" <jmora@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello all,

I'm building a 12" coil powered by a 5KVA 14.4kv (pushed a bit). I had hoped to buy one of Dr R's Maxwell super caps but the buy won't go through until next spring.

What do you think the survivability of 10 rows (.1uf) of CD942C .15uf, 2000kv x 15 strings and a 200 BPS ASRG will be, since I have that many?

Thanks, I suspect it would be on the edge.

Jim Mora