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Re: MMC Survivability

Original poster: "resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

You can do it quite scientifically.

Ipeak = Vpri peak * SQRT (Cp/Lp)

Calculate your primary total inductance. Determine your cap bank value to resonate with your tuned circuit, ie, Fpri = Fsec. . Plug these two Lp and Cp into the above equation which will tell you the peak current in your primary coil. Compare this value to the peak rated value of your cap bank and you will have your answer. If within 15%, with short run times it will survive. Beyond that you will be risking cap failure.

Dr. Resonance

Hello all,

I'm building a 12" coil powered by a 5KVA 14.4kv
(pushed a bit). I had hoped to buy one of Dr R's
Maxwell super caps but the buy won't go through until next spring.

What do you think the survivability of 10 rows
(.1uf) of CD942C .15uf, 2000kv x 15 strings and a
200 BPS ASRG will be, since I have that many?

Thanks, I suspect it would be on the edge.

Jim Mora