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ScanTesla 8.00 Beta Version

Original poster: Vardan <vardan01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi All,

It is not quite ready for prime time, but ScanTesla 8.00 has not changed in many "days" now (like an 'eternity' :o))). It seems to work fine. It is the SISG PIRANHA coil's "Yoda" ;-))

Most of the old help files with some reading between the lines still apply fine.

Most significant change is there is now another setup file called control.txt that has a bunch of parameters in it. You should probably adjust that file for your elevation since I am 5000 feet above you all :o)) I pulled a number of things in into this file so a minor adjustment no longer changes the whole program itself.

The program also does heavy streamer length predictions now. Based on top voltage and coil energy... The best I know how... A few minor tweaks here and there... All "leader" stuff is now "streamer" stuff since that is just the way it 'is', even if not technically pure ;-))

You can input a steamer strike distance and if it hits, it will predict the waveforms and "stuff"... It can also do dynamic streamer capacitance loading if you default Cload with a negative value.


Let me know if anything sucks...

The PIRANHA's coil stuff is here for reference: