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Re: Dispose of pole chicken on Long Island

Original poster: DRIEBEN@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Gary, all,

Yes, you might could get $100 out of this
beast by breaking it down for its internal
parts, but in my opinion, unless I just en-
joyed tearing the guts out of a dead "pig",
I personally don't feel that the payoff would
be worth the required effort. "I" would probably
just drain and sell the oil, as you say, and
then take the drained tank (with transformer
guts intact) to my local scrap yard as is
and take whatever they'd give me for it.
Draining the oil wouldn't be that big of a
deal and I may not net quite as much cash
by not tearing all of the copper out of it,
but it would require a whole lot less effort.

David Rieben

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Date: Saturday, August 26, 2006 9:33 am
Subject: Re: Dispose of pole chicken on Long Island
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> Original poster: gary350@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> This is what I would do.
> Drain the high voltage oil into 2 liter soft drink bottles and
> sell
> them all on ebay.  I sold several on ebay a few years ago they all
> brought $10 to $15 per bottle plus $10.00 for postage.
> Cut threw the copper windings with a hacksaw and pull the copper
> out
> with a pair of plyers.  Copper is selling for $3.00 a lb. at the
> scrap yard.
> Remove the insulators from the metal case.  Sell the metal case
> and
> transformer core at the scrap yard steel is selling for $4.00 per
> 100 lbs.
> That burned transformer is probably worth $100.00 is scrap metal
> and  HV oil.
> Gary Weaver
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> >Subject: Dispose of pole chicken on Long Island?
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> >Original poster: Charles Brush <cfbrush@xxxxxxx>
> >
> >Hi all,
> >
> >I have a 14.4kV double bushing pole chicken I fried several
> years ago and
> >I am wondering how to get rid of it.  It came from T&R and is like
> >new outside...it just is internally shorted.  I have the non-PCB
> >certificate for it and am just wondering how you get rid of
> something >like this.  I don't have a pickup truck or anything to
> move it with.
> >Any thoughts?
> >
> >Alternately if there are any coilers on Long Island who might
> like to
> >try to fix this chicken they are welcome to it, and I'd throw in
> a little
> >14.4kV potential transformer I bought from Bill Wysock long ago to
> >make it more worthwhile.  The chicken could make a pretty neat
> base for a
> >jacob's ladder or something even if it turns out to be unfixable.
> >
> >Zap!
> >
> >Charles Brush
> >http://www.ElectricMuseum.com
> >
> >