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Similation results predict racing arcs

Original poster: "Gerry  Reynolds" <gerryreynolds@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi All,

I created a spice model of a distributed coupled secondary using the coupling coefficients calculated by JavaTC. This model has distributed coupling from the primary as well as the distributed mutual coupling between segments of the secondary. I wrote up the results and had Terry host it. The simulation results (using my coil for the model) seem to predict where on the coil the racing arc will breakout from and agrees with my observations.

Just before the conclusion, I stated why I thought the breakout went to the top of the coil - an explaination that I now think is wrong. I have since come up with a simplier explaination, so if anyone wants it, I can email the updates to you. If a lot of interest, maybe I can get Terry to rehost the document :o))


I also reposted the first part with some corrections:


Please look it over and comment. I think we will be able to predict the worthiness of any new primary design.

Gerry R