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3 phase to single phase, transformer wiring VTTC

Original poster: "Jim Mora" <jmora@xxxxxxxxxxx>


I know that alike transformers can be wired to create three phase output,
can the converse be done? I have a large 3 phase (90 Lbs) dry 240 to 4K+
plate transformer. What would be the ramifications of paralleling the inputs
and outputs? Will the windings oppose each other since they share the same
core? I'm thinking of buying one of the mongo Russian Power tubes on
ebay.such as this one.270022234745. Yikes.

Making the filament transformer would be interesting as it wants a couple
hundred amps.

The recent talk of VTTC is raising my interest again. I have some vintage
833a parts...future... My big coil is baking in the sun, as the Santa Ann's
... Santana's (devil winds) (hot and dry) are blowing here and it's inside
work for awhile to stay cool.

Jim Mora
Ojai, Ca