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Re: Units of electricity

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Jared,

Didn't Tesla himself use the old mechanical analogies for tuned
circuit, i.e. likening them to a mass on spring with
friction,  referring to things like impedance as inertia, or am i
mistaken here?  I have often noted the similarities between
mechanical and electrical systems.  Take for example the energy
stored in a capacitor E=1/2CV2  (c=capacitance, v=voltage) and then
look at the energy in a moving object E=1/2MV2 (m=mass,
v=velocity).  I agree with you, but it would be nice to see these
things worked out from first principles.


Chris R"

There are mechanical analogs for almost all electrical components and the equations of motion tend to be identical. I suspect that all of the differential equations of motion for mechanical devices were well known long before guys started treating electric circuits mathematically.