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Re: Units of electricity

Original poster: Skip Malley <skip@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

This is one of the most confusing explanations of these thoughts as I have ever seen. It has just added confusion for many instead of relieving it. I did very well in high school and college physics, but still have a bunch of ????????????? after reading this email.

To relate any of these basic formulas, it is necessary to define each term of these equations or formulas.

Let me give a few examples:

F = MA (always)
F  force (Newtons)
M  mass (Kg))
A  acceleration  (Meters per Second *2)

Q  charge (Qulombs)
C  capacitance (Farads)
V  (Volts)

I could define more...

Please don't just give a bulk of formulas if you do not define the parts and pieces thereof.

Please repeat this email with the necessary information added.


At 08:59 AM 8/23/2006, you wrote:
Original poster: Jared E Dwarshuis <jdwarshui@xxxxxxxxx>

The mechanical units of electricity:

I have often pondered why there are so many close analogies between
the mechanical world and the electrical world. Certainly it is true
that force was pivotal in defining electricity, but there is an
overall pattern that emerges in the intrinsic properties.

We start by playing a simple algebra game with the fundamental unit of
charge "q"

We multiply meters by both the numerator and denominator and write:

q = m ( As/m )

I = m/s ( As/m )

d(I)/dt = m/(ss) ( As/m )

Whenever we encounter a unit of electricity and see Amp's. We must
group it to satisfy:
 ( As/m)     Also known as: (Coulombs per meter)

Thus Voltage with the units of: kg mm 1/sss 1/A gets written as: kg m/
ss   (m/As)
 Or simply:

Voltage = Force (m/As)
E = kg/ss (m/As)
Resistance = kg/s (m/As)sqrd
Capacitance = ss/kg (As/m)sqrd
Permittivity = ss/ m kg (As/m)sqrd
Magnetic flux = kg m/s (m/As)
B = kg/ms (m/As)
L = kg (m/As)sqrd
Permeability = kg/m (m/As)sqrd

Force = Mass x Acceleration  and Voltage = L dI/dt  are now equivalent
Force = kx and q = CV are now equivalent
Newton's second law and Lenz law are now equivalent
The expressions for impedance are now equivalent to the mechanical
u e = density/force = ss/mm
Esqrd e = Bsqrd /u = density times velocity squared = pressure
(incompressible fluid flow)

I hope this will aid people in conceptually understanding electricity
a little bit better.

Sincerely Jared Dwarshuis
August 23, 2006