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Re: Help identifying material

Original poster: "BRIAN FOLEY" <ka1bbg@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi, some of this old stuff used black slate for the slab. if you go to a
counter top shop there is poly-stone or epoxy stone counter top material in
a heap of colors and textures. cuts with a carbide tipped saw. wear a dust
mask! cul brian f.
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Subject: Help identifying material

> Original poster: "Michael Doyle" <msdoyle@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> I have a pair of Leeds & Northup resistance boxes in which I plan to use
> the wooden box portion to house some of the components of a small coil I
> am building. The actual functional components of these boxes are mounted
> on a 1/2 inch slab of black material screwed to the top of the wooden
> boxes. I was wondering if anyone knew what this material is so that I
> can recreate the look of the boxes without damaging the existing boards.
> I have heard it referred to as bakelite or phenolic but the experience
> that I have with either of those materials is that they are hard and
> brittle and do not machine well. I see that some grades of garolite are
> available in black but not sure if the color/finish goes all the way
> through the material and I know it is hard to machine. I considered
> using a black delrin but cannot find any locally. Any help would be
> appreciated I have only basic tools no lathe or mill so tips or comments
> on machinability and finish of the material would be great.
> Thanks
> Michael Doyle
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