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CVS Disposable Digital Camcorder

Original poster: "Michael Doyle" <msdoyle@xxxxxxxxxxx>

 Hi all,

Just an FYI this may have been discussed on the list before if so I
apologize. CVS drugstores have small, lightweight, easy-to-use digital
cameras and a camcorder that can record up to 20 minutes of
decent-quality video on to its built-in memory.  Consumers typically
purchase the device for $29.99 from the CVS drugstore, shoot their
video, and then return the single-use camera to the store (plus another
$12) to get it "developed" onto a DVD.  Instead of relying on CVS for
development, hackers on the web have figured out how to retrieve the
videos using just a normal computer and an easy-to-build USB cable.

I bought one downloaded the software, and built a cable all in under an
hour and now have the ability to take decent-quality video or photos of
my coil in action without risking my more expensive equipment.

Michael Doyle