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Re: Tesla coil for wireless data transmission?

Original poster: "Gary Peterson" <g.peterson@xxxxxxxxxxxx>


It may be that the local WiFi systems of the future ARE based upon Tesla's form of wireless transmission and reception. Be sure to read the thread beginning with the message "Tesla Coil RF Transmitter" posted on September 09, 2005 before you begin drawing your conclusions as to the practicability of the World System. As to the bandwidth issue, keep in mind that the World System was designed to employ certain spread-spectrum principles, making available the shorter wavelength regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Other related threads are "Fractal antennas and Tesla coils," "physics of wireless transmission," "electromagnetic wave fundamental frequency and harmonic series?," "Goubou line, "G-line" (was Tesla Coil RF Transmitter)," Tesla Receiver Coil'" and "Tesla Receiver Coil ..........success . . ."

Here are some other thing to keep in mind. The jury is still out as to whether the basic principles of wireless transmission that Tesla laid out are sound. Anyone who says that Tesla's work in the field wireless energy transmission cannot be successfully reproduced is engaging in speculation.


Subject: Re: Tesla coil for wireless data transmission?

Original poster: jbrave <onephatcat@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Thanks all for the great information.  Nothing like having one's
curiosity fulfilled with real information!  I was wondering
essentially if the tesla coil technology could be adapted for wifi,
basically because most w-ifi has serious limitations in terms of not
passing through trees and walls, being best in a line-of-sight
configuration - so for a rural area, not the most practical way to
set up a town network, and I had come across some mention of Tesla's
experiments that had generated a massive magnetic field - so was
thinking - "can we create a really powerful wide area networking
system using this technology?"

Obviously, it is not the most practical approach.