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Re: bulkheads / baffles in secondaries

Original poster: "Andrew Bonnell" <andrewbonnell@xxxxxxxxx>

Just a thought...but could If two baffles are used, could one have a hole in it to vent the fumes, and then have the hole filled w/ hot glue or Elmer's glue or a bit of a glue stick etc.?


On 8/16/06, Tesla list <<mailto:tesla@xxxxxxxxxx>tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Original poster: Gomez Addams <<mailto:gomezaddams@xxxxxxxxx>gomezaddams@xxxxxxxxx>

On Aug 15, 2006, at 11:19 PM, Tesla list wrote:

>On a similar thought, some may remember Robert Steven's coils. He
>used external baffles (acrylic creepage discs) which added a
>totally cool look to his coils!! Remember this pic ;}} See, there
>is more than one way to "skin a cat". Now, that might be quite a
>bit of work - um, maybe not!

Oh my gorsh that thing is beautiful.  I was actually thinking of
using red Glyptal myself, but I haven't found it yet!

  - B(G)L