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Re: In search for a better PRIMARY

Original poster: Vardan <vardan01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Gerry,

At 08:47 PM 8/14/2006, you wrote:
Hi Terry,

I dont think one needs the inductance nor di/dt if you just compute the volts per turn. If the primary cap fires with say 20KV into a 20 turn primary then the primary will have 1000 volts per turn. The volts per turn in the secondary (neglecting the distributed C) will be this value * kn. So if kn for that turn of the secondary is 0.20, then that turn will have 200volts induced into it (transformer action).

OH!!! Shows what "i" know :o))) I was noticing factors seems to cancel all out and such... So cool!!

The initial di/dt of the primary and secondary will fall out from the inductance of the primary and the inductance for that turn of the secondary (not sure how the magnetic coupling of that turn with others in the secondary affects this). Also, I'm not sure if whether the coil is or is not in tune will affect this initial voltage profile

It should not since no tuning has a chance to setup in the first few hundred nS...

, but sure will affect subsequent profiles.


What I need to know in order to spice this is how to model a section of secondary coil where all the other sections are coupling into it as well as the primary.

MicroSim can model like ten mutually coupled sections with the "K" function if that is what you want. I am sure the other spice things do exactly the same too.

I believe Antonio gave you a program where there was a NxN coupling matrix to figure this out, but something to run in C and not a spice program.

???  Got a name of it or a clue??

There is ACE used in scan Tesla.

Inca too...




Gerry R.