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RE: MMC Question.

Original poster: "Lau, Gary" <Gary.Lau@xxxxxx>

Hi Dennis:

> Original poster: otmaskin5@xxxxxxx
> A question related to Gary's points on setting spark gap size.  If
> your gap is set so that it consistently fires with only the NST
> connected, by definition, that seems to be a relatively safe setting
> within the NST's ability to tolerate the voltage during TC operation
> - is that a reasonable assumption?


> In my case, I have a 15/60 NST with an 8-segmented gap with a total
> gap size of 0.24".  I'm thinking that's reasonably
> conservative.  Maybe too conservative since it readily fires at 0.24?

I can't comment on whether your 0.24" total is conservative or not, as
multi-gap breakdown voltages are terribly non-linear.  It will break
down at a very different voltage than a single 0.24" gap.  To test if
it's too conservative, just Variac your NST down.  If, with just the NST
connected, the gap fires well below the maximum Variac setting, then
it's probably too conservative.

Regards, Gary Lau