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Re: Energy Discharge Capacitor

Original poster: "David Rieben" <drieben@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Thomas,

I purchased one of these early this year and it has worked fine for
me. I paralleled it with (2) 10 kV, 100 uFd energy discharge caps
that I already had, one a Maxwell, model # 33504, the other an
NWL, model # 10257. With all 3 of these in parallel, that gives
me up to 20 K/joules of discharge energy. I usually don't charge/
discharge them above 9,000 volts but have done it with the full
rated 10 kV once or twice without any mishaps. So far, so good ;^)
The main "problem" that I'm having is the "lid" of the fabricated steel
containment vessel warping from the blast! Just as Bert Hickman stated,
anyone considering taking on a  quarter shrinker/ can crusher/ rail gun,
ect. project that utilizes discharging huge capacitors needs to go to Bert's
website on this subject and read and HEED it very carefully!
We don't want to hear news of someone blowing off a hand or a foot
or worse yet, losing their life from carelessness with huge energy discharge

David Rieben

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Original poster: "Thomas Coyle" <zxcasd@xxxxxxxxx>

This vendor has been trying to sell these for many moons - I remember seeing them back at the beginning of the year and almost biting. As I recall, he has a lot of them, too.

Please, if you do try one out, let us know how they work... if they're solid, I might want to pick up a few. :)

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Original poster: "Daniel Seidel" <<mailto:dfseidel@xxxxxxx>dfseidel@xxxxxxx>

as a side note, I was planning on paralleling
a couple to keep the V reversal down...  I think
I have the theory down on the reversal that it is
a function of the rated specs of the cap and not
the actual charge level.

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Original poster: "Mike" <<mailto:mike.marcum@xxxxxxxxxxxx>mike.marcum@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Almost 10kJ, definely enough to shrink a quarter. Seems kinda light
for that many J tho, kinda wonder how many shots it was designed for
new and how many are left. I personally wouldn't wanna pay $295 plus
freight if it was gonna self-destruct after 5 shots. No warranty
as-is too. Guess it depends if you feel lucky.