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ESL in MMC`s

Original poster: Finn Hammer <f-h@xxxx>


I am building a MMC for an OLTC. This MMC is designed to last, so it is getting quite bulky.

Any extra inductance outside of the primary coil loop is basically unwanted, but in a High C, Low L, Low V coil it can get *very* unwanted, because of it`s influence on the resonant frequency of the primary circuit. It is entering a LC circuit where the inductance is only 350µF.

I am therefore going to measure the Resonant Frequency of this cap, and calculate the Inductance according to 4*pi^2*F^2*L*C=1

I assume that the resonant frequency is due to the known Capacitance and the sum of inductances. These inductances being: Inductance internally in the cap, and inductance of the leads from the signal generator.

What I am asking is this:

How do I exclude the inductance of the leads from the signal generator from the measurement?

I will post pictures of the cap as soon as it is completed.

Cheers, Finn Hammer

The capacitor is made from 99pcs.

Cornell Dubilier 940C12W1P5K-F caps in a 33/3 configuration for 16.5µF @ 3600VDC/1500VAC Ipeak=21100A Iavg=478.5A