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Re: Energy Discharge Capacitor

Original poster: "Thomas Coyle" <zxcasd@xxxxxxxxx>

This vendor has been trying to sell these for many moons - I remember seeing them back at the beginning of the year and almost biting. As I recall, he has a lot of them, too.

Please, if you do try one out, let us know how they work... if they're solid, I might want to pick up a few. :)

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Original poster: "Daniel Seidel" <<mailto:dfseidel@xxxxxxx>dfseidel@xxxxxxx>

as a side note, I was planning on paralleling
a couple to keep the V reversal down...  I think
I have the theory down on the reversal that it is
a function of the rated specs of the cap and not
the actual charge level.

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Original poster: "Mike" <<mailto:mike.marcum@xxxxxxxxxxxx>mike.marcum@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Almost 10kJ, definely enough to shrink a quarter. Seems kinda light
for that many J tho, kinda wonder how many shots it was designed for
new and how many are left. I personally wouldn't wanna pay $295 plus
freight if it was gonna self-destruct after 5 shots. No warranty
as-is too. Guess it depends if you feel lucky.