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Re: Energy Discharge Capacitor

Original poster: "Mike" <mike.marcum@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Almost 10kJ, definely enough to shrink a quarter. Seems kinda light for that many J tho, kinda wonder how many shots it was designed for new and how many are left. I personally wouldn't wanna pay $295 plus freight if it was gonna self-destruct after 5 shots. No warranty as-is too. Guess it depends if you feel lucky.

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Subject: Energy Discharge Capacitor

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Hmmm, this may be the wrong list...

I know these are not good for tesla work, but does anyone have an
opinion about them for quartershrinking and other pulse discharge

Aerovox PX30D51
100nH max

a vendor has 'em as item 7630022801 on ebay.