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Re: Energy Discharge Capacitor

Original poster: "David Rieben" <drieben@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi dfseidel?

Yes, I have obtained one of these which was actually 198 uFd and paralleled it with 2 other 100 uFd, 10 kV energy discharge laser caps (one a Maxwell, one an NWL) for a total of ~ 400 uFd @ 10 kV (20 k-Joules). Makes for one heckuva quarter shrinker or can crusher (no, make that a can SHREADER!) All 3 of these caps weigh between 135 and 160 lbs each so it ain't too portable. Like you said though, they're WAY too big for Tesla application. Remember too, that these caps can hold a very lethal electric charge even after being discharged thanks to the dielectric memory
effect and their energy discharged into a low resistance, low in-
ductance load can be go off very EXPLOSIVELY, so be very careful
with capacitors of this caliber!

David Rieben

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Subject: Energy Discharge Capacitor

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Hmmm, this may be the wrong list...
I know these are not good for tesla work, but does anyone have an
opinion about them for quartershrinking and other pulse discharge

Aerovox PX30D51
100nH max
a vendor has 'em as item 7630022801 on ebay.