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RE: your 833 coil

Original poster: "Cameron B. Prince" <cplists@xxxxxxxxxx>

Hi D.C.,

The MOT's have paralleled primaries and the secondaries are in series as you
stated. I am using Dave Sharpe's level shifting design with a single 125kV
.5A diode and four 1uF MOT caps in parallel. So the voltage on the tube is
half wave rectified DC. I am using Steve Ward's circuit for the staccato
controller presently, but I am also going to build Dan McCauley's version
and try it.

Let me know if you try raising your grid coil and what results you obtain.


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> Subject: your 833 coil
> The MOTs are primarys paralled with secondarys in series --- right?
> are you running any type of voltage doubler or just using the 4 kV?
> Rectified or running straight AC on the 833?
> Using the statacco type controller on the grid or just grid feedback, ie,
> running continuous mode at 60 Hz?
> Dr. Resonance