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Re: slide choke wire size?

Original poster: "Steve Ward" <steve.ward@xxxxxxxxx>

Thats some serious power there.  I certainly hope you know what you
are doing... but it seems to me, that if you think you are ready to
work on a 100A service, you would already know the answer to your

You would need around 4awg (or larger) to handle the current, and the
amount of wire you need will make this pretty expensive (now that the
price of copper seems to have trippled since a year ago).


On 8/11/06, Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Original poster: Robert Amaya <dimon20042004@xxxxxxxxx>

Hi everyone,

I am wanting to make a slide choke for my coil but i am not shure
what gauge of wire to use. I will be using it to keep the power
consumption down to around 100 amps at 120v. Any comments would be apreciated.
Thanks in advance,

Robert A. in Austin