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Re: Large Series Gap

Original poster: "Scott Hanson" <huil888@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Cameron -

Please clarify ....... is this multi-element static gap the ONLY gap that you will be using with your pole-pig system, or will this be used in conjunction with a rotary gap? Your original post did not fully describe the gap configuration.

Scott Hanson

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Subject: Large Series Gap

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Hey guys,

I've been working on a large series gap for my pole pig driven coil and I
have a few questions.

My prototype can be seen here:


It's using five 2.25 inch O.D. brass nipples for four gaps maximum. My main
concern is the gap distance. As you will see in the photos, a standard sheet
of paper will just barely slide between some of the gaps. The others are
slightly wider. I tried my best to maintain tolerances, but it's very
difficult to drill the 7.25 inch PVC couple properly even with a press.

My other concerns are the number of gaps. Is four going to be enough?

Any thoughts, suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated.