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Re: MMC Question.

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Hi Glen,

There is no magic number for resonance. It follows primarily from the physical size of the coil. Physically larger coils have more inductance and more inter-turn capacitance than small coils. Since resonant frequency, F0=1/[2pi*sqrt(LC)], a larger coil will tend to have lower frequency than a small one. Most people start with a coil in the 3"-6" diameter range which usually results in a coil in the 100 kHz to 300 kHz resonant range. Odd configurations and greatly over or undersized toploads can alter this somewhat, but these are not typical.

Hope this helps,

Matt D.

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Wooohooo......Got my primary and secondary in order (I hope). I had
attempted to use JavaTC before but it looked confusing so I left it
alone.  I fiddled around with the numbers and came up with the following:

Resonance is 262.1Khz between primary and secondary.

Secondary is 4" x 23"  1215.47 turns of #26.

Primary is 10 turns at 1/4" spacing. (prolly use 13 or so)

Topload is 3x12 Toroid

I do have a question about Resonance....Is there a magic number that
is optimal? I hear 200Khz thrown around alot so I stayed in that area.