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Re: No subject - Gary's new coiling question

Original poster: Vardan <vardan01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

At 08:12 PM 8/8/2006, you wrote:
Hi, My name is Gary, and I'm an electrician for 30 years. I'm interested in learning aboutTesla coils and how to build them. I would like to do simple experiments for the kids at Church and different places. Can anyone tell me where is a good place, or a book to learn about making a project, and possibly a place where most items can be purchased. thanks, Gary.

Hi Gary,

Everyone seems to build Tesla coil completely different depending on their skill, tools, money, parts on hand...

I usually recommend going here and just looking through other people's coils until you find one with lots of info that looks like you could reproduce yourself.


By making a coil someone else has already made, you can avoid a lot of theory and pain for the first coil. Once you have mode the first one, then everything else will make perfect sense. Nothing about Tesla coils is really "normal" electrical stuff :-))

Most of the parts can be found locally, ordered, or gotten from other people here on the list. Most of use have plenty of "spare" parts :-))))

Most books tend to be rather out of date now since so much has changed in the last five years. Good webpages are all over:



Be sure to check out the safety stuff:



So that is where to start. Since your an electrician, most of it will be far easier for you!!