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Re: (New?) Member...

Original poster: Vardan <vardan01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Jeff!

Welcome back ;-))

Terry has been working on me in his very quiet and unique manner; sending me
blurbs on all the things I'm missing and since Chip is visiting, I felt it
was time too.

I forward important things to Jeff so it does not get too far behind. He still uses coils that have spark gaps and stuff :O))) But hopefully he won't be too lost by Tesla coils that look like this ;-)


Cool that you get to see Chip and all!!!

Terry and I can work out a way to make the entire DVD available to the TCML.

Depends on size, format, copyright, etc. The peer to peer and RapidShare things can do really big files. I think someone mentioned Bit torrent but I have never figured that one out. I have infinite web space, but very limited bandwidth here.

Have we recruited more women into this hobby yet during my absence?

That is one thing that has not happened :-(