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Re: (New?) Member...

Original poster: "Teslacoil Workshop" <workshop@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>


Thanks for the welcome... I'm seeing all these names I know and it feels
good to be back.

Terry has been working on me in his very quiet and unique manner; sending me
blurbs on all the things I'm missing and since Chip is visiting, I felt it
was time too.

One good thing about the last ten years is that it has "thickened my skin"
to some degree. My focus now is on the future and the high voltage special
effects industry. I'm here to support Terry and Chip and give the best
advice I can from a professional perspective on how to keep everyone safe.


> Hey Jeff!
> Welcome back!!! It's been far too long. I remember when and why you
> said, "good bye". I was a little shaken, but I was hoping that
> someday you would be back. Looks like someday is today!!!!
> Anyway, it's "super great" to have you here again.
> All my best,
> Bart